The Game

The attackers are coming! They're trying to fight their way into Area 51 and it's up to you to build the defences and stop them getting in!

There's a cash bounty on the head of each attacker, and each wave is tougher than the last. Spend your winnings on upgrades to your defences to keep the attackers at bay.

Red Turrets

High rate of fire, excellent range and the most damage of any turret, but certainly not cheap to upgrade! Upgrade their range three levels and the rate of fire by four to activate holding pattern, where the turret will keep rockets in the air, circling and ready to attack at all times.

Green Turrets

Average range, rate of fire and damage, but very cheap to upgrade. Green turrets can link together, where they fire at each other in a chain, each link along the chain adding an extra 25% to the laser beam's power.

Blue Turrets

Good rate of fire and good damage, but limited range. Upgrade their damage by three levels and their rate of fire by four they will occasionally freak out. The turret fires at four times its normal rate, with four times the normal damage. It freaks out for about 5 seconds, and you get a few seconds warning.

Modifier Turrets

Need to increase the damage of a turret but can't upgrade it any further? Build one of these and any turret in it's range gets a 40% boost to it's damage.

This little radar station extends the range of any turret in it's range by 100. The extended range is marked as a dotted line when you view a turret's range by pressing R.

And to increase the rate of fire, this turret is your friend, which doubles the rate of fire of any turret in it's range.

Exchange Turrets

These turrets have the same effect as the modifier turrets, but they're cheaper. The trade off here is that while they increase some of the turret's abilities, they decrease others.

Any turret in range gets a 100% boost to it's damage, but it costs 30% of the range and 30% of the rate of fire.

Any turret in range gets a boost of 100 to it's range, but at the cost of 25% of the rate of fire.

Any turret in range gets double the rate of fire, but at the cost of 40% off the damage and 10% off the range.

Got a good strategy?

Check out the hints and tips forum where you will find much useful information.

Combination Specials

By putting turrets in a close grouping they can work together and fire special combination weapons. These only become available if all the turrets in the group have had their damage upgraded to the maximum level.

Red Turrets

+ = Laser Rockets

+ + = Poison gas rockets

+ + = Nuke

Green Turrets

+ + = BFG

+ + + = Rocket BFG

Blue Turrets

+ = Land Mine

+ = Cluster bomb

+ + = Big Landmine

+ + = Big Cluster Bomb

+ + = Laser Cluster Bomb

+ + + = Big Laser Cluster Bomb

+ + + = Big Cluster Bomb Landmine

+ + + + = Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine